How To Prime Your Rocks For Rock Painting

Did you know that Australia’s first rock art site dates back to 30,000 years ago? This is because all cultures have a medium to tell their stories and histories and rock paintings and art are also one such form that is used in Australia. The First Nations People used rock art in public and sacred spaces to tell stories when they first arrived. This rock art has been preserved and showcases these people’s rich history and culture.

Australia has over 100,000 rock art sites, and the number is set to grow higher. If you are also a rock art lover and want to use rock painting to showcase your artistic talent, you should know how to prime your rocks and here are a few tips to help you out:

What Is Priming

Priming involves smoothening the surface of a rock to remove any rough and grainy textures so that when you apply your paint, the surface is not bumpy or scratchy. It also helps the colours of your artwork pop more and will absorb the paint properly. This will save your paint brushes and pen nibs from damage will involve using less paint and give your painting a new life.

How To Prime Your Rocks

  1. Start by washing the rocks you use with water to eliminate dirt and grime.
  2. Leave the rocks to air dry before you start priming them.
  3. Use a spray primer or a brush on the primer to paint one side and then move to the next side.
  4. If you are using a spray primer, you should spray from a distance and do one coat on each side.
  5. Using a broad brush, you can also prime your rocks using white acrylic paint.
  6. The white paint will help brighter colour pop more and will help the paint spread faster and easily.
  7. Once you have applied the primer, let it dry and then apply the paint.
  8. You can then contact an art centre in Australia and display your beautiful rock paintings.

Additional Tips

  • It is a good idea to use acrylic paint pens to paint your rocks as these pens are easy to use on rocks, have a range of mixing options, are durable, and are opaque.
  • Painting pens are easy to carry around and help you showcase your art more precisely.
  • If you are using a paintbrush to paint your rocks with Australian historical art, you should use a detail brush as it will help you create more fine lines.
  • Lastly, you should sketch out your design before painting it so you can stick to the fine lines and create some beautiful rock art in Australia.


Rock art has been around for ages and is still relevant and popular in today’s age. If you are well-versed in Australian history and Aboriginal art, you can display this on your rocks and showcase these at an art centre in Australia. You will not only be showcasing your own talent but will also give people a glimpse of Aboriginal art and Australian history.

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