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This form of art is completely based on the stories from our ancestor’s era. From their struggles to achievements, cultural changes to traditions, you will get a glimpse of everything through Aboriginal Australian Art.


What is Aboriginal Art and why it is Australia?

Aboriginal art is a form of art made by indigenous artists or Australian people. It comprises of work made in different ways, including wood carving, painting on leaves, sculpting, rock painting, sand painting and much more.

This form of art is connected to religious ceremonies as well as rituals. It is an imperative aspect of the world’s oldest running cultural traditions based on the Dreaming and totems.

According to archaeologists, Aboriginal Art is 80,000 years old art forms. It is a visual language, used to communicate historic stories through beautiful paintings and patterns. This concept started around 30,000 years ago with the aim to connect people with our oldest culture and history, land events and believe of the Aboriginal people. It also educates young generation on how to use this land and survive on it.

In that era, Aboriginal people used to depict stories in the form of paintings on rocks, bark, sand, and even on their bodies. In 1937, a renowned water colour painter, Albert Namatjira, featured in the very first exhibition of Aboriginal Art in Adelaide. This was the first time when people discovered about this form of artistic skills.

With that concept in mind, we also started organising art events and exhibitions where people can come, explore about the Indigenous Art or Australian Aboriginal Art through visual artwork. This art centre is run by volunteers, in-house staff and of course, creative contributors who are always ready to unleash their talent and present it for the interested people.

Rock Painting: Origin

The oldest rock art painting in Australia is a Charcoal drawing on a rock. It was found during the excavation of the Narwala Gabarnmang rock shelter in south-western Amhem Land, located in the Northern Territory. Paintings on rock, carving and engraving were also discovered at sites.

Most of the paintings depict significant historical events, such as extinct megafauna such as Thylacoleo and Genyornis. It also represents the arrival of European ships and other significant events.


Dot Painting

Dot painting includes various different colours, such as yellow representing the sun, red – desert soil, white and blue – the clouds and the sky, brown-the soil, etc. These are considered as traditional or old-age Aboriginal colours. These type of paintings can be created on anything and were painted on rocks as well as in caves.

Dot paintings were usually images of lakes, animals, birds, and the Dreamtime. You can discover the stories of our legends through this art on rocks and caves.

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Explore the best indigenous artwork available in Brisbane by local and emerging artists. We are passionate about encouraging visual representations of dreamtime stories passed down through generations. Additionally, you will find exhibitions for paintings, photographs and other art representing ethics, culture, historical events and more. Come visit us now!

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