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Since inception, we have been imaginatively presenting Australian history or a primarily Eurocentric world into visual arts. We encourage young and talented indigenous and non-indigenous artists and writers to represent historical events via Aboriginal art, such as rock painting, dot painting, bark painting and much more.

Connecting People with Australian Rich History

Our art centre promotes Aboriginal arts, based on the traditions and stories of our history. It will help you explore the great journeys across the Australian land, our history, beautiful culture, traditions, and a lot more in a dreaming style. You can witness the hidden gems of our country and connect your soul with our history through our art and exhibitions.

Our Creative & Passionate Contributors

East Coast Encounter Art Centre focuses on developing the presence of Australian Indigenous art across the globe. We create opportunities for talented artists to showcase their creative side and contribute their share of talent in our art events, exhibitions and educational programs.




At East Coast Encounter Art Centre, we emphasise more on promoting cultural dialogue and understanding between Indigenous as well as non-Indigenous Australians. Located in the heart of Sydney, we have been working with various renowned artists, contributors and creative writers across Australia to help people connect with our history and Aboriginal art.

Our art centre is under restructuring and planning to better serve the curatorial and ethical sector of Australian Indigenous art via dot painting, rock painting, bark paintings, contemporary art designs the list goes on. Story-telling as well as totem representation helps people to connect better with the narrations of Australian history and rich culture. Preserving the ethics, historical events and all forms of aboriginal artwork is our topmost priority.

Our creative artists and contributors represent historical events in an imaginative form using aboriginal art skills. Instead of listening to the stories, you can actually relive the historical achievements and special moments through visual arts in our events and exhibitions.

All constructive suggestions and feedback are welcome as part of our consultation phase. You can join us and contribute your artistic skills with us and let people know our beautiful traditions, culture and contemporary art.




Aboriginal Art Tour

Unleash the world of creative and artistic people by attending this event. Aboriginal artwork is created by the small community of Wirrimanu (Balgo) in Western Australia.The exhibition is perfect for people of all ages and you can visit it with friends and family. Tickets for children below five years are free so you can introduce your kids to aboriginal art early!

Date: 18th November 2022

Location: Sydney, NSW


Indigenous Art Fair

Come and celebrate Indigenous Australian art, craft, food and culture at our fair. Everyone is welcome to join this event. If you want to know the Australian history or discover the Aboriginal culture, be a part of this event.The fair is one of the best chances you will get to experience indigenous art in Brisbane and learn more about the native people’s heritage.

Date: 10th December 2022

Location: Gold Coast, Queensland


Undiscovered Paintings & Art Exhibition

This particular event represents the rhythms of the land and waterways where indigenous people have cultivated, hunted and liver for thousands of years. The paintings are created by Australia’s most talented indigenous artist who has contributed his skills to help people know about our history.

Date: 26th December, 2022

Location: Melbourne, Victoria


An Inspiration of Artistic Tradition

Origins of Aboriginal Art

Aboriginal Art is completely based on the stories of that time when ancestors embarked on beautiful journeys across the land of Australia. This particular art is about representing the stories, creations and other aspects of people who lived thousands of years. There are many creation stories all around the regions of Australia. We are here to support and promote one of the oldest and thriving traditions in the world. With us you can find piece of original aboriginal art made by emerging and established artists in Queensland and other states of Australia.

Preserving the History

According to the experts, there are more than 100,000 ancient Aboriginal art sites across Australia. New sites are being discovered, which is a great sign for those who want to know more about indigenous culture and historical events. This form of art is represented through dance, songs, dot paintings, body and sand paintings to visually pass on traditions to new generations. You can be a part of our art centre if you an indigenous or non-indigenous artist or a writer.

Contemporary Art and Innovation

There are many community-based art centres across Australia promoting Aboriginal Art, Indigenous Artists, cultural events and dreamtime stories via visual arts using cutting edge technologies. Some of the contemporary artists and painters have joined various communities supporting Aboriginal Art. They have been focusing on establishing their career by creating rock, dot and bark paintings. We support artists and organise events and art exhibitions where people can connect with their traditions and rich culture.


Best Aboriginal Art Sites in Australia


Kakadu National Park, Northern Territory

It holds one of the greatest concentrations of rock art in the world. The rock paintings on the Arnhem Land Plateau are 20,000 years old.


The Kimberley, Western Australia

There are various rock art sites in the Kimberley, Western Australia. Kimberley rock art is classified into two categories, Wandjina and Gwion Gwion art. You can witness ghost-like creatures on the rocks.


Quinkan Country, Laura, North Queensland

Dating between 15,000 and 30,000 years ago, The Quinkan rock paintings display the beautiful historic events of North Queensland. It features stencils, figurative paintings and engravings.

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Indigenous Australian Art

Indigenous Australian Art our Aboriginal art is crafted by the Indigenous people of Australia and in collaborations between non-indigenous Australians. It comprises of works in an ample range of media, such as wood carving, rock carving, painting on leaves, ceremonial clothing, sculpting and sand painting.

We emphasise more sustaining the pre-date Europe colonisation and contemporary Indigenous Australian art via our paints and art pieces.

Traditional Indigenous Art

There are different types of aboriginal arts that can help artists to convey the message and help young generations to know about their ancestors, culture, living style and everything that used to happen thousands years ago. Often the art is about dreamtime stories that are passed down through generations. Thus, the artwork of the native people of Australia is extremely meaningful and precious. At East Coast Encounter Centre, we do our best to showcase aboriginal artwork


Know Your History

Attend Our Educational Programs and Polish Your Artistic Skills!

Supporting and Promoting Indigenous Artists

Our Team and Contributors

Our In-House Team

We have a team of highly trained and dedicated artists, managers and volunteers who will help the community supporting Australian Indigenous Artists and art work.Backed by our team of knowledgeable and passionate professionals, we provide everyone that connects with us the opportunity to see art as it is in the native world of Aboriginals and Torres Strait Islanders. So, get in touch with us now.


Our Contributors

Young students and professionals are encouraged to submit their art pieces, reviews and essays and showcase art pieces in the form of rock paintings via our art events and exhibitions.Considering our operations are so widespread and we facilitate many artists across Australia, we have a ton of contributors whose work is vetted by our team and shared with others to increase dialogue regarding their work.


Our Partners

East Coast Encounter Art Centre

Explore the best indigenous artwork available in Brisbane by local and emerging artists. We are passionate about encouraging visual representations of dreamtime stories passed down through generations. Additionally, you will find exhibitions for paintings, photographs and other art representing ethics, culture, historical events and more. Come visit us now!

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