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Connecting You with Australian History through An Art

Being a renowned art centre, our exhibitions and art events presents the historical stories from various perspectives. Our visual art helps you unleash the significant events in Australian history and encourage people to connect with well through Indigenous artwork. There are many people who want to know everything about their ancestors, colonisation, and other aspects that can them closer to that era.

Visually appealing artistic work leaves great impact on the people and that’s why we focus on supporting young and talented Indigenous as well as non-indigenous artists.

We have been working towards the direction where we can improve our services and and serve the Australian Indigenous Art Industry through our events and exhibitions. We encourage young talents to showcase their dot painting, rock painting, bark paintings, contemporary art designs and present historical stories in an engaging and understandable manner.

With the dedication to educate our society, we promote story-telling concept along with Aboriginal or Indigenous Australian Art. You can explore the rich history of your country and stay connected with thousands years old traditions and culture.


What We Do

Creative, Artistic and Incredible!

Our art events and exhibitions represent different art scenes, including rock painting, bark painting, sand painting and much more. All these creative artwork are presented by world-renowned Indigenous as well as non-Indigenous Artists and writers. We are here to collect and represent the stories and tales of Australian history into beautiful visual arts.

This concept was introduced back in 1770 when the interactions between local people and the visitors were limited. The communication barrier increased more and this created a gap when it comes to conveying the historical events and history of Australia. You can see beautiful paintings, rock art and sand paintings to discover everything about your ancestors, their struggles and origins of traditions and cultures.

This shared story is converted by Australian Indigenous and non-Indigenous artists with the sole aim to encourage cultural dialogue and support reconciliatory understanding of common people and young generations.


About East Coast Encounter


Our Community

We are here to support our artistic community so that can share their creative work and allow people to keep connected with our history.


Our Vision

We believe in nurturing the mind of Australians by helping common people understand significant stories and incidents of our history in a fun and creative style.


Paintings and Artwork

Rock and sand painting is our forte and we organise events and exhibitions based on the response we get from people across Australia.

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East Coast Encounter Art Centre

Explore the best indigenous artwork available in Brisbane by local and emerging artists. We are passionate about encouraging visual representations of dreamtime stories passed down through generations. Additionally, you will find exhibitions for paintings, photographs and other art representing ethics, culture, historical events and more. Come visit us now!

Contact Info

28 Flint St, Inala Brisbane QLD 4077, Australia
(07) 3806 5496