Talented & Creative Indigenous Artists


Kerry Jones

Born and brought up in Brisbane, Kerry Jones has been into rock and body painting for more than 20 years. He is known for his abstract shapes, kaleidoscopic colours and Gabori’s warm artwork that have found a place in many art exhibitions in Australia. He has successfully depicted the significant stories of our country through his Aboriginal art. It is a visual treat to attend Kerry’s art exhibition.


Ricky Miller

Ricky is also one of the most popular Indigenous artists, and won many prizes in Australia. He was born and raised up in the Northern Territory and discovered the oldest art culture of our country. His passion towards Aboriginal culture, rock painting, and sculpting encouraged him to establish a career in the art industry only. After completing his studies, he continued his passion and learned photography in Melbourne, Victoria. Now, he teaches and organises art exhibitions all around the country. His photography represents Indigenous culture via an effective portraiture lens.


Adam Hill

Being a youngest member of Aboriginal Australian Art Community in Sydney, Adam Hills continues to showcase his beautiful, intriguing and communicative artwork in our exhibitions. This 21-year-old boy is passionate about his work and has created some of the best paintings that connect ancient stories with our modern age problems. You can discover more about Aboriginal culture, people and their stories by attending Adam’s art events and exhibitions.


Gail Mabo

Gail Mabo is known for his body painting artwork. He has presented the ‘Awelye’ art which related to the ceremony of women. When preparing for ceremony, the Anmatyerre women tend to apply iconography to their upper body with help of their fingertips. All the colours used in his paintings are created using coloured ochres combined with animal fats. He is popular all around Sydney for his beautiful and artistic work. Gail is also one of our prestigious contributors who has hosted various exhibitions in and around NSW.


Gordon Syron

His outstanding artwork clearly depicts the fine detail of ancient stories that are associated with Anna’s homelands of Atneltyeye Utopia in Central Australia. It connects well with the spiritual and visual aspects of people as they can discover more about sand hills, river beds, landmarks and much more. All his paintings represent the great stories of our culture, traditions and ancestors.


Anna Johnson

Anna is a modern woman born in the metropolitan city of Queensland. She has been creating beautiful and informative bark paintings for years. She is also a wonderful ambassador for young people who want to learn everything about Aboriginal Culture and art. From Utopia Dreaming to topographical view, she creates everything and depicts historical events and stories in the beautiful form.

Curatorial Contributors

At East Coast Encounter Art Centre, we encourage all types of curatorial contributors who are passionate about their Aboriginal artistic skills. We are here to develop the skills, presence and role of Australian Indigenous Art in the modern world, and create more opportunities to curate Aboriginal art exhibitions, events and educational programs across Australia.

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East Coast Encounter Art Centre

Explore the best indigenous artwork available in Brisbane by local and emerging artists. We are passionate about encouraging visual representations of dreamtime stories passed down through generations. Additionally, you will find exhibitions for paintings, photographs and other art representing ethics, culture, historical events and more. Come visit us now!

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